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Maison Anthony Marmin


 We believe we have been created as peoples from different tribes and nationalities, that we may know one another. The world we are living in is made of many cultures and ethnicities. Our maison represents this beautiful diversity through the sensational scents the world has to offer. 

The perfume you wear is a reflection of yourself, it is a volatile identity. Your character, culture and your perception of beauty have all a role to play in crafting what will be that sensorial touch. 

If our vision was a fragrance, each notes would be of very high standards :

  1. Head notes : Peace and Tolerance
  2. Heart notes : Love and Purity
  3. Base notes : Excellence and Knowledge

We invite you to an unforgettable sensory journey through the ages and cultures. We want to offer you the best of every heritage and tradition, opening the doors of infinite sensational and luxurious aromas. 

We propose high quality and unique scents, bringing new perfumes while keeping authenticity and traditions unchanged.

We as human beings are slowly losing knowledge of our heritage and we are bringing it back by olfaction! 

It is an Evolution…it is a Revolution…

Maison Anthony Marmin


Anthony Marmin
Perfumer and founder

 Also known as “Abdul Karim Al Faransi”, he was born in the north of France and grew up in a typical French family. Memories from his childhood are made of lavender and orange blossom, a heritage from the beloved scents of his mother who grew up in a village of Eyragues in Provence. Roses, tulips and violets were predominant in the household and beautiful mounds of flowers essentially composed of various perennials could be seen all around the house. 

The world of attars and Arabian perfumery opened up for him when he became Muslim in 2001. From 2011, collecting rare ingredients from Musk to Oud became a habit and a serious task while living in London. 

As a very initiative person learning how to become a perfumer was a must. Something that was acquired through reading and studying books, discussions with perfumers and specialists not to forget visiting great places like Grasse. Having gained all this knowledge as an autodidact rather than boring and plain instructions led him to truly become the man you know today, a self-taught niche perfumer with various skills and perspective.

Farhiya Bashir Hussein
Entrepreneur and founder

She was born in Somalia, situated in the Horn of Africa. Somalia was an important center for trading and commerce with the rest of the ancient world, this business mentality and entrepreneurship mentality was inherited from her mother. 

She came to Europe as a teenager, travelling and culture sharing was always part of her life. That led her to develop her artistic traits which she can share with her husband. 

She plays an important role in the company which is the responsibility of perfume validation. What you will love is what she loved!

Maison Anthony Marmin


Our maison was founded in 2013 under the name Maison Abdul Karim Al Faransi by Anthony Marmin, French Perfumer, also known as Abdul Karim Al Faransi and his spouse Farhiya Bashir Hussein. The Musk Game was underestimated when Our Maison first came into existence. 

The term « Musk Game » was first introduced by our maison to define the huge market of pure traditional perfumes including Amber, Frankincense, Mukhallat, Musk, Oud…

Specialising in Middle Eastern style fragrances, our maison quickly distinguished itself by its unique qualities, offering rare and refined agarwood ( Oud ), amber and musk oils. 

The market of pure classic and traditional perfumes style was led by very respectable brands. We quickly emerged in the Musk Game with freshness and inventiveness, bringing a undeniable additional value to it. Many have been inspired by our work and entered the market through the doors we have opened. 

The first creations of Anthony Marmin first arose in 2014, adding originality and quality which will rapidly make our maison a reference for the niche oriental perfumeries, a category of interesting and alternative highly elegant oriental perfumes. 

The Musk Game was made fashion by proposing something new and different while keeping authenticity and tradition untouched. 

In 2020, a great decision of rebranding was taken by us while breaking our sale records, having fully met our objectives and having built an excellent reputation and customer service.

We became Maison Anthony Marmin with a vision established in a continuity rather than a change… 

By using the birth name of the perfumer we have taken steps to take our maison to a next level… leaving a legacy in the Musk Game history… to be continued…

Maison Anthony Marmin


The source of all evil is ignorance, and ignorance is often fuelled with fake news and non accurate informations. 

We live in a time where information has never been so easily accessible, and yet an ambient negativity around intolerance and racism is more than present. It develops fear and hatred towards one another… 


What can we do to cure this existing disease and situation ? If ignorance is the fuel of it, knowledge has to be the cure, we need to be able to filter and refine the informations available to us.

The art of perfumery is our means of expression to make you rediscover the World: its history and its people with many different cultures and traditions. 

Our perfumes has enabled us to present a positive vision of the World, between peace and tolerance. Because we see in each civilization, each people, each culture an inestimable wealth.

Maison Anthony Marmin


Our maison invites you to a unique sensory journey through the ages and cultures. Niche perfumery originates from the imagination and the artistic sensibility of a perfumer.

 This sensory journey needs to be EPIC, extremely good and full of memories. We will describe how our approach means epic as words :

  1. Exceptional: The history of the civilisations and cultures is extraordinary and Our Perfumes are inspired by them. This inspiration leads to an almost infinite range of sensory combinations.
  2. Perfection: This is our goal. The most important element is the final olfactory result without the constraints of manufacturing cost or time, therefore we use the best ingredients for our creations.
  3. Independence: Our maison is independent, never under influence, we are not dictated by others.
  4. Creative: We are always offering something unique and different. Being independent requires creativity which is found in inspirations while looking for perfection. 

EPIC has a meaning on its own, but each letter also means something. Our approach takes all the meanings to offer you a sensorial journey you won’t forget.

Maison Anthony Marmin


The identity of the brand is the image of its perfumer. The roots are Western and the style is Eastern, with a perfect match between both worlds, the logo is the result with subtle messages. 

If someone ask you about us… we are that companion who even without being present leaves a smell of joy in your life. The best example of what we are trying to tell you is in the following saying of The Prophet Muhammad صلّى الله عليه وسلّم:

”  The example of the pious companion and the bad companion is like that of the seller of musk and the blacksmith. For the musk seller, either he’ll give you some, or you’ll buy some from him, or you’ll get an agreeable whiff from him. And for the blacksmith, either he’ll burn your robe or you’ll get a bad smell from him. ” [Bukhari, Muslim].

We are Maison Anthony Marmin, this french word maison literally translated by ” house ” has a very strong meaning when it comes to perfumery or fashion industry. As for our Arabic Style Niche Perfumery, the Western touch had to stay as it was. It evokes an authenticity, a hospitality, a legacy, a savoir-faire, a story and a value. It is an integral part of our brand name and identity, even in arabic it will stay as ميسون انتوني مرمين and دار which means house in Arabic will not be used. 

The logo is a result of everything combined : 

    1.    A tribute to the Arab Culture that has brought so much wealth to the world, be it in algebra, art, astronomy, cartography and medicine. The swords as a symbol of the eastern culture.

    2.    Honours the two founders with a A for Anthony and a F for Farhiya. Also referring to the roots of the Maison with the meaning of Al Faransi (the frenchman). 

    3.    And last and not least, the logo reminds by its design a symbol of France, the Eiffel Tower.

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