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Peace be upon you dear visitor and welcome! We are a luxury niche fragrance house and we propose among the best Arabian perfumes
Authenticity is the main word to describe our fragrances, pure perfumes known as attars. Indeed they are handcrafted in the Maison Anthony Marmin's laboratory in Dubai.  
We believe perfumery is an art, that's why our french perfumer brings a different and visionary approach by combining two worlds together: the Middle Eastern style with the french luxury. 
The color of a perfume may vary from batch to batch due to the natural ingredients: A strict selection of fine and exquisite ingredients is done by our perfumer to honour the Arabic tradition.
We do worldwide shipping from our main store in Dubai (excepted for orders in UK sent from Birmingham). Daily, we build a fantastic network of distributors in various countries to make it easier for you to smell good and different.


It is an evolution. It is a revolution.