What is Luxury?

A lot of people try to define luxury by expertise, price or rarity. True luxury is a mix of different things that are linked together, to be able to truly understand the concept of luxury we first need to take a look at a few elements.​

Expertise, it is the skill or knowledge of an expert in a particular field. A quality product or concept starts from that, take this out and you will never be able to have luxury. A luxury object or service has someone behind it who is a specialist, knowing what it requires to be able to deliver something from the highest grades or with a creative and unique form.

Rarity, it comes in multiple forms but we will talk about only two forms here. Rarity in the quantity, it means it is limited. After a certain quantity sold, you will not be able to find it anymore. Another form is in the creativity, that means you will not be able to find the exact same product or service with someone else. They are the only one to deliver this type of product, due to what we have just explained anything could become luxurious if it is not mass produced or not copied neither available everywhere.

Price, it is a direct fruit of the special work and rarity. Everything that is rare is expensive, imagine now if it is handcrafted or meticulously done / thought. The cost will skyrocket, making it therefore an accessory that could show a social class or a level of success in someone’s life.

Emotion, when buying such products a feeling comes with them. A feeling of being special or even a feeling accomplishment.
Behind the concept of luxury, inside feelings are also achieved. Desires, elegance, identification and pleasure are all sought.

Luxury is a complex world, to fully comprehend it, one must understand the steps that lead to it. As it was said luxury is not the opposite of poverty but of vulgarity, luxury isn’t in opposition with minimalism. Luxury is a way of seeing things, a way of caring about things and last but probably the most important : it is a way to look after yourself…

But we all know what one may consider as luxury, others may not. And so a touch of subjectivity cannot be avoided.

— Anthony Marmin —

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