The Most Ancient Perfume in the World
Let’s begin with some geography: Philae is an island of Aswan. Aswan is a city located in the south of Egypt.
On the portico of a temple of Philae is engraved a recipe for a perfume used in fumigation, which appeared from 5000 years ago. Mainly used in the polytheistic religion, it was also used for its therapeutic qualities. Its name is Kyphi.

I have found during a trip to Grasse also known as the World’s perfume capital, a reconstitution of KyphiThis is a photo:

We found in it 16 ingredients but some of them remain obscure since specialists are not agree on the identity of some plants.

The production of Kyphi requires blending and boiling the ingredients in sequences. According to some sources the Kyphi was rolled into balls and placed onto an hot coal, as we do now days with frankincense for example.

Things of value are not always as we think. History and scarcity are enough for a thing to valued.

— Anthony Marmin —

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