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Excursion to Tunisia. We either see the desert as a wild and inhospitable place, or somewhere to contemplate the beauty of nature, where we would enjoy taking time for meditation or looking for inspiration. Surrounded by the Sahara, Tataouine is a city located in southern Tunisia and it is where the inspiration begins for this perfume.

Jasmine is the national flower of Tunisia and its people are attached to it, indeed jasmine flowers are planted all over the country. Arabian jasmine known botanically as Jasminum sambac is here delicately blended with floral and powdery notes around a base of white musk to offer a sensual eastern scent to wear on hot days or sunset summers. Tataouine is suitable for ladies and gentlemen.


Tataouine means "water springs" in Berber language. It is a tunisian city.


Arabian Jasmine

Powdery Iris


Wild flowers

Gourmand Creamy Notes

Oriental White Musk


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Hassam Ghazi - Pakistan

It's a soft and creamy . I have used many Jasmine based scents but this is different and without any synthetic tone. Fragrance and its quality is superb. Its more of a feminine scent.

Keep doing different brother and may Allah bless you!!!

Violette Rose-Jones - Australia

The best white musk I have thus far encountered. A luscious, slightly dirty, white flower scent over vegetal musk. There's an open, airy element that actually reminds me of sparkling water so the description is very apt. Sociable levels of projection results in enticing dtifts wafting from your person without overwhelming anyone around you. Incredible longevity; it lasted on me 24hrs and through a shower. Longevity tends to be poor on my skin, so this was extra impressive. I found this lovely, feminine and sexy/flirty. Amazing value for money

Soraya - London

Wow!!! Definitely took me back to Tunisia and my youth!!

The Jasmin is so strong at the beginning that I was instantly transported to Sousse, Kairouan, Sidi Bou Said or even Hammamet, holding a mashmoom.

For those who have never spend summer in Tunisia, mashmooms are individual bouquets of tightly wrapped Jasmin flowers. A pure delight.

This perfume dries down to something softer, less flowery and very pleasant and subtle. There's only a short transition phase where I was unsure of the smell as it reminded me of posh airfreshner but thankfully this didn't last more than 10 minutes.

Thank you to AKAF for sending me a 3 ml bottle when I only ordered a 1ml sample size. Very generous and very much appreciated.

This scent is simple yet complex at the same time. If you like Jasmin you will love this. I think it's more a summer fragrance.

I totally understand the fuss made about this house. I bought a few more samples and can't get over how fantastic they all are.