Suzanne is the encounter of two opposite worlds where scents live in harmony together based on a French heritage and Middle Eastern inspiration. Everyone agrees to say the olfactive richness of France is found in Provence, represented here by floral notes of lavender, delicate jasmine and royal lily combined to the deep perfume of pine forests. These beautiful fragrances turn around a clean Arabian white musk giving an addition, an unexpected scent reminding the traditional Marseille soap.


Suzanne is a floral perfume suitable for ladies and gentlemen. Suzanne is a french name and it means Lily or rose according to different sources. Anthony Abdul Karim chose this name in tribute to his maternal grandmother.


Olfactory description

Lavender of Provence, Mediterranean Pine (Aleppo Pine)

Jasmine of Grasse, Lily, Marseille Soap

Subtle Vanilla, Middle Eastern White Musk

5 stars based on 2 reviews
Abdul Muzaffar
from Solihull


Suzanne is an Excellent white musk but is not like any other. It has the clean creamy typical white musk in the base which is not as prominent until the dry down. It has a bright citrusy jasmine and lavender which really pops and helps make this an excellent bright summer scent. There is also a soapy vibe given off throughout the wear which makes it seem quite refreshing and zingy. I love it and think it is quite unisex . The longevity is also great. I got 12 hours of wear approximately on skin. If rubbed onto clothes (after applying and rubbing on hands) the smell will last forever. The Sillage is quite soft but does create a nice bubble around you and project if your temperature increases. Overall an amazing and really unique white musk. I’ve personally never smelt a white musk like this :)

from Madrid

Clean scent

They gave me this attar as a sample on my purchase (thank you!), and I've been enjoying it. This is a soapy (marsella soap), clean, fresh out of the shower scent, and even this kind of smell is not my cup of tea I'm enjoying it so far. I like to wear it on a relaxed Sunday morning, on a family day. And I discovered that I love to use it on my hair when I wear something else on my skin, it gives a natural, fresh and special touch to the overall sillage.

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