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Clean and Luxury. Sofia is a perfume with a strong Middle Eastern style. Strong arabic notes of sandalwood and frankincense are balanced with sweet rose and jasmine notes around a beautiful base of powdery white musk. The result reminds a walk in sumptuous malls of Dubai.

Indian Sandalwood

Frankincense from Oman

Provence Rose Centifolia


Powdery Notes


5 stars based on 2 reviews
Hasan Fardeen
from London

Luxury with the affordable price. Must try.

Don’t buy the 3ml. Skip to the 6ML luxury bottle you will not regret it. Clean luxury. Smells like you are walking down the streets of a hot day in the Middle East.

from United States

Lovely scent!

I love this one. The description gets this right, it evokes clean luxury. The sandalwood and rose notes are elevated by the powdery notes, so nothing comes across as too strong. It's all very smooth. It's a pretty sweet scent, so ordinarily that would mean that it's more for a woman, but I'm finding myself drawn to it more and more as a man. It's just lovely to wear. Clean and inviting. If you like white musk but find it too plain, this is a wonderful alternative, providing a bit more dimension. Floral, woody, powdery clean all at once...with impressive longevity. A winner!

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