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Sheikh Al Faransi



Sheikh Al Faransi is all about luxury and tradition of Middle Eastern perfumery. It is a sumptuous fragrance well balanced around a precious oud and an authentic ambergris. Powerful without being aggressive, Sheikh Al Faransi is robust, complex and unique, with a pronounced sillage. It has a subtle masculine style.

Sheikh is an honorific title in the Arabic language and Al Faransi means “The Frenchman” 

Honey from Kashmir

Centifolia Rose from Grasse

Hint of Saffron

Pleasant Oceanic Ambergris

Dark Chocolate

Oriental Amber

Sandalwood from Indonesia

Oud from Cambodia



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@Smellyvision - Doncaster

Amazing oil

A beautiful slightly sweet, dark and mysterious blend. I remember I wore this to the masjid one time and a brother forced me to write down the name of this and he ordered it on the spot.

Callum G - London

My carpet is so happy, I am not...

This is as good as everyone says. With each wear, I can find new notes to enjoy. It is one of the most well balanced and complex fragrances I have come across. At a crazy good price like everything else by this house. I bought myself a half tola for christmas... And I have just discovered I have spilled the remaining 5 ml on the carpet. The room does smell incredible, but I am so frustrated at having wasted such a gem. will have to bite the bullet and purchase again... I only hope that it is as good as the last batch.

Alexandre - Paris

le meilleur de toute la collection

Je suis amateur de parfum depuis plus de 20 ans, j'aime les parfums orientaux, naturels et provocant une expérience olfactive unique, la création de Abdul karim est extraordinaire, il mélange tout ce qu'un amateur de parfum recherche, nous avons à faire là à un grand parfum, dans mes top 3 toutes marques confondues sur une comparaison de plus de 300 parfums orientaux ! merci Abdul karim anthony

Zohair Merchant - Katy,Texas

Exotically Magical 🧙‍♂️

Magnificent magnificent 💎!!! Thank you thank you AKAF for creating this! This splendid Attar opens up with a very very sharp honey and then the strong Oudh sets in to dry this down to the most easing and feeling of relaxation/serenity of the true essence of the Ambergris that was mixed in this potion. I e never smelled anything Attar that actually relaxes one before waking one up👌🏼 Truly truly the Attar to purchase if you want a scent to collect like bars of Gold.........

Lass62 - France


Ce parfum est tout simplement superbe. Je n'ai jamais senti un tel parfum auparavant ! La pureté des produits utilisés se retrouve directement.

Je me sent spécial quand je le porte, je gagne en assurance c'est fou!

Merci Abdulkarim pour ce génie et pour ce concept, tu permets une initiation en douceur à la parfumerie de luxe :)

Shah Mohammed - Texas

Outrageous Perfume by AKAF

JazakAllah khair, brother Abdul Karim & Team. This perfume oil is my all time favorite. It gives me a feeling of luxury, happiness & royalty.

Govert - The Netherlands

Subtle and lovely

This is a lovely yet subtle masculine perfume, The oceanic notes are quite restrained with is a good thing. The complexity is good and the longevity is superb. It last 12 hours easily

Rick - New Jersey

I know it's a cliche that's sometimes overused among fragrance enthusiasts bit this was truly love at first sniff. This perfume is the perfect balance of woods, florals and sweetness. It hits all the marks and hits them hard. This is gorgeous from top to bottom and has me sniffing myself all day long. Off the top I get the dark chocolate and honey with a very slight bite from the agarwood. It's not overly funky but you can tell it's there. It settles quickly and then the beautiful florals and ambergris come out and that's where this becomes glorious. All the while that sweet chocolatey oud opening lingers in the background. As it ages on my skin I get more of the sandalwood and amber holding it together. It's a beautiful journey from start to finish and fortunately that journey lasts for quite a while. Longevity is superb and the sillage is quite strong. Movement and body heat definitely make this scent detectable by those around you and trust me, they will love it. This is a work of art and was also my introduction to the house. I look forward to discovering more creations from AKAF. This was a remarkable first experience.

Saud Akmal - Pakistan

Back in 2018 i sampled this one along with 11 others, this one changed my mind about Attars, i felt am i crazy what am i sniffing right now..? Is this fragrance from planet earth? That was the point my love story begun with this house, ended up in a way that now i am a distributor of AKAF in Pakistan 🇵🇰... 😇

Masood Khan - Dallas, USA

For the past few months, I have tried different perfumes sprays and attars. I have not found any of them as luxury and elite as sheikh Al Faransi. This attar is unique and almost hypnotizing. It has become my addiction; it is powerful, masculine, yet sweet and seductive. It is very well blended. May Allah bless Al Faransi for creating this gorgeous fragrance.

Bob - FL, USA

I ordered about 10 samples a few weeks ago. This really stands out of all the ones i ordered. The composition, sillage, projection and longevity are outstanding. Its almost 18 hours now, the projection and sillage has died down, but when i sniff my pulse point, i can still smell the mesmerizing fragrance. From the opening to the dry down, this is a star through and through.

Muhammad Abdul Rasheed - Barcelona, Spain

Majestic !!!

One of those fragrances which are more than just fragrances, to me it's a bridge between me and my inner self.

I don't have words to explain my experience with this fragrance but the only way I can explain this scent is that, its uplifting and a takes you on a spiritual journey.

A really nice blend of quality ingredients without being overwhelming and expensive.

It's a masterpiece.

To my nose it smells exotic and luxury.

Ambergris in this perfume is perfectly blended and gives everything a nice sensual and sophisticated touch.

I really adore this scent.

ordered a sample and fell in love with this, came back and bought 1/4 tola.

And now want to have a life long supply of this,

Will definitely be signature scent on special occasions.

Great work by house of Abdul karim al faransi.

Mustafa - Elche
Kevan - United States

Of the 4 samples I ordered from this house, this is the best. Woody, floral, heady and sweet, with a powerful honey note. Well blended, and it opens up gradually to reveal more and more. It's also very dark. I'd suggest a sample before committing to a full bottle, to know whether it's for you. I like that it's powerful but it doesn't project hugely. If this was made by a bigger name fragrance house, you'd expect to pay much more for such a quality composition. Absolutely well-done...just not for everyone. Definitely buy this if sweet, resinous woody fragrances are your thing though.

Dr Hitesh kubavat - India( Gujarat)

Ohhhhhh my god very rich and very long lasting smell.its smell like heaven

Just use little bit and you can change your atmosphere it's like a some high quality bakhoor some high quality amber gris high quality oud more and more you can don't believe in. Thanks you Abdul Karim al faransi thanks a lot you are incredible fragrance maker


Vishal - NewZealand

This is a very subtle fragrance. it last about 6-7 hours on the skin . My partner loves this fragrance due to its sweet candy like notes. Personally I Wish it had more projection but overall its a great fragrance. May be it works well in hot weather. Great Work AKAF House, I am coming back for more sure!

Hamid - London

This is by far one of the best Oud mukhallat I came across. It's sweet woody with some mineral elements from ambergris. It is one of the best out of that line for sure.

Excellent lasting power and very nice dry down. Its very well blended indeed.

Highly recommended

Farangis - Oklahoma

I cant remember what it reminds me of, but something sweet like candy, not quite chocolate. Something chewable and sweet

JT - Finland

Absolute best!

Thameez Ghani - Srilanka

At 1st Glance and being a new person to step into the house of AKAF, I thought this may b a normal perfume oil. I got to know about this brand from the YouTube channel called exotic scents. So I thought, why not give it a try. So I ordered sheikh Al Faransi which was highly praised by brother nikhil from exotic scents. As everyone says first impression is the best impression, this was my best impression of sheikh Al Faransi. It smelled so unique to my nose and highly sophisticated. With a good vibe which will last an entire day with a tiny drop applied to the pulse points. This beast last more than 12 hours and I advice to go very little on application then increase it according to your need, cz this one is pretty strong. And I should tell I’m not at all disappointed in stepping into hoUse and I’m glad I found it. I have ordered three more from AKAF and would be writing about them very soon in sha Allah. Thank you