Sheikh Al Faransi

Sheikh Al Faransi

Sheikh Al Faransi is a sumptuous fragrance well balanced around a precious Oud and an authentic ambergris. Sheikh Al Faransi is all about luxury and tradition of Middle Eastern perfumery.  Powerful without being aggressive, Sheikh Al Faransi is robust, complex and unique, with a pronounced sillage.


Sheikh Al Faransi has a subtle masculine style. Sheikh is an honorific title in the Arabic language and Al Faransi means “The Frenchman".


Olfactory description

Honey from Kashmir, Centifolia Rose from Grasse

Hint of Saffron, Pleasant Oceanic Ambergris, Dark Chocolate

Oriental Amber, Sandalwood from Indonesia, Oud Cambodi

5 stars based on 42 reviews
Souheil Ghez
from France


Luxurious Perfume💯🔥🌹

from Canada


Sheikh Al Faransi est un des meilleurs parfums que j’ai pu sentir dans ma vie. J’ai l’habitude de visiter les boutiques de parfum niche, mais aucun parfum ne ma fait cette effet. La qualité du mélange est incroyable et je suis agréablement surpris par la performance et la projection. L’odeur du mélange est vraiment bien équilibrée. Il y a des nuances de fruit sec, de chocolat noir, de oud, d’ambre gris et le tout fait un parfum extraordinaire. Un chef-d’œuvre à avoir absolument dans sa collection.

Kareem Abdullah
from Ireland

Warms my heart

I just want to say, this perfume is one of the nicest i have ever smelled. It has an amazing smell which lasts a long time. A great attar from AKAF! Thanks for the 4 samples! I will order more soon! Allah akbar,


Graciela Alejandra Razouk
from Denmark



All the perfumes are unique. Every single one of the perfumes I have tried have trigged a part of my brain that made me feel sensations I did not know I could experience. Its a beautiful journey! Looking forward for new creations . The custumer service: excelent.

from London

10/10 again

Reminds me of home. Lovely. Recommend to anyone, male or female.

Thank you

from England


Such a gorgeous fragrance! The sweetness of the amber and chocolate blends perfectly with the saltiness of the ambergris. Long lasting.

Mehdi Kaada
from Cognac, France


This is a masterpiece! For whose who don't know ambergris, this is THE perfume that will make you realize why it is considered as a luxurious ingredient...

ramazan karatas
from Deutschland

the best attar

i had many attars but this one is the best i have had, i recommend to everyone who wants to be special

from Madrid

Heart melter

I totally understand why this attar is the most popular of the house, it's just INCREDIBLE! When I first smelled it from the bottle I felt like the chocolate/honey and the oud where stunning, but when I wore it on the skin... really touched my heart! It feels so good to wear it, and it's a kind of smell that suits my skin beautifully. The mix of sweet, florals, and the darkness and smokiness of the oud makes it a fragrance from another planet. It's different, it's good, it has character, and at the same time it's not invasive. A must try!

Ismail Mayat


This now my Jummah scent, 3 swipes and I get all day projection. Some really nice heavy oud notes that are tempered with other notes great for every day use however its my special Friday scent.

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