Raw Materials Transformation

The two historical transformation techniques for raw materials are distillation by water vapor and the enfleurage. Extraction through volatile solvents and then with supercritical CO2, and today eco-extraction, improve the quality of the products. Through this distillation, essential oil is retained, concrete is produced by enfleurage or extraction of fresh material, then transformed into absolute, resinoids can be obtained by extracting dry materials.

The treatment of fresh raw materials is carried out in their countries of origin, whilst dry ones are exported, in particular around Grasse in France. Rich in this technical heritage, the region of Grasse in the essential reference point for the production of scented extracts, as well as the transmission of knowledge.

You see, there is a lot more that goes into your natural perfume than we initially think. This knowledge is priceless.

— Anthony Marmin —

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