Pure Perfume

Pure Perfumes are undiluted​​​​​​​ and free from alcohol. They are made with precious oils produced by traditional process of maceration, cold extraction and distillation.

They are also known as attars, elixirs, or concentrated perfume oils. Because pure fragrances have the highest concentration, they will stay on your body or clothes for an extended time. Our Perfumer Anthony Marmin known as Abdul Karim Al Faransi brings with his signature a new approach in traditional perfumery while keeping authenticity and traditions unchanged​​​​​​​.

Oud (R)evolution
Around the Oud: Pure perfumes with a visionary approach of traditional Dehn al Oud.
Fragrances with a base of Oud Cambodi, Oud Hindi, Indonesian Oud, and much more. Attars free from alcohol. ​​​​​​​
Musk (R)evolution
Around the Musk: Pure fragrances with a visionary approach of traditional white musk and black musk.
Perfumes with Ambrette, deer Musk, Flowers absolute and much more.
Amber (R)evolution
Around the amber and the ambergris.
Heritage (R)evolution
Around History: Fragrances inspired by the grandeur of a nation or a civilization.
Arabian perfumes with oud, amber, musk…
Progressive (R)evolution

Around the World: Perfumes inspired by various places of the World in which we live.

A different and very personal approach to niche perfumery. Arabian perfumes with oud, amber, musk…

Romance (R)evolution
Around the Sweetness:  Pure perfumes inspired by gentleness and love.
Fragrances with a romantic style around floral or fruity notes.
Fashion (R)evolution
Inspired by the heart of fashion’s ecosystem. The Fashion (R)evolution follows the Haute Couture calendar and collections are presented twice a year: The Spring Summer in January and the Fall Winter in July. 
Collection Privée
Around the Excellence: The highest standards in this exclusive collection of luxury items.
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