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Nedjma is a fresh and floral perfume, but more than that, it is an invitation to the world of the thousand and one nights with a typical Middle Eastern style. Nedjma has a pronounced character but remains easy to wear on an every day basis.


Nedjma is a relaxing fragrance suitable for ladies and gentlemen. Nedjma means star in Arabic.


.Lemon, Violet, Mandarin orange, Tea, Bergamot, Plum, Ylang-Ylang

.Jasmine, Pronounced Rose, Precious woods, Honey, Cedar

.Sandalwood, Amber, Fresh Woody , Vanilla, Musk

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1/4 Tola (3ml Classic Bottle), 1/2 Tola (6ml Luxury Bottle), 1 Tola (12ml Luxury Bottle), Sample (0.5ml)

7 reviews for Nedjma

  1. Abu Areej

    I actually ordered Nedjma twice, the first time, to be honest, it did not grab my attention that much and I eventually gave my bottle to someone else to benefit from.

    This time round, however, I was literally wow-ed by the smell. I am not sure if it is a newer batch, but I got more honey note, with the florals in the background. Absolutely amazing! Even my wife loves it on me. Gotta say I regret ordering only the 6ml. I also love the sandalwood drydown. Definitely suitable for warm weather and tropical climates.

  2. Ali hussain

    The best perfume
    I find it to be the best perfume out of the ones ive tried. Its an all rounder. It can we worn in all occasions. Heavy sillage, super longevity and a unique one. Have got many compliments.

  3. Larissa Costanian

    Beautiful, uplifting and vitalising
    Very natural, pleasing, save buy. Femining perfume for daytime and office. I feel zests, it stands out most. All other oils also present but on the back stage.

  4. Fiona

    Senteur très étonnante car elle est change de ce qu’on peut sentir habituellement! C’est frais et ça sent le propre !

  5. Hasan Fardeen

    Middle East freshness.
    Just try it that’s all I can say. Mr Anthony says it is a fresh fragrance with the history of Middle East touch and it is exactly that. It’s perfect for outdoor use when the wind hits it out to people around you they love it. Very good projection and long lasting.

  6. Kevan

    This one was a surprise. I got this as a sample on a whim and it ended up being one of my favorites. Probably the most conventionally “Oriental” fragrance to Western noses that AKAF offers, Nedjma is a soft woody/floral/spicy perfume that I can’t see anyone NOT enjoying. It would suit pretty much anyone, man or woman. A wonderful spicy and creamy drydown. This is a winner and a safe blind buy for anyone curious about it.

  7. Soraya

    Beautiful smell.
    It is described as Oriental but this could put people off.
    I don’t particularly find it too oriental. This would appeal to women
    and men who like Ysatis by Yves St Laurent or Narcisso Rodriguez. In my opinion anyway.
    I love this scent. It’s soft, romantic and comforting.
    I first tried it in cold weather but it’s best in warm condition. Lasts much longer and smells stronger.
    I personally can’t smell any of the citrusy fruits and the vanilla is a soft one, acting as a link between all the ingredients. Amazingly well blended as all the AKAF perfume oils.
    It would work very well on a man as well as a woman. Top quality.
    Personally makes me feel very womanly. Although it’s soft, it’s got a strength of character that makes it stand out.
    Suitable for office wear as it’s really not offensive. Magnificent!

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