Musk Aswad

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Musk Aswad

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Musk Aswad is a visionary version of the famous black musk. Black musk is a classic and popular scent of Arabian perfumery. It is a complex piece of art distinguished by accentuated vanilla notes and enriched honey nuances around sweet and earthy notes. Musk Aswad has a rather imposing olfactory character but remains easy to wear since the base of the perfume is floral, with no animal origin ingredients.


Musk Aswad is a subtle masculine fragrance. The meaning of Musk Aswad is Black Musk. Original black musk is prepared with deer musk but here we have done a similar scent with a floral base. Result is more sweet and with no animalic notes.


.Vanilla, Dark Dry Plums

.Kashimiri Honey, Indian Vetiver

.Woody, Musk, Amber

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28 reviews for Musk Aswad

  1. J

    My new favourite musk. A beautiful scent – strong and deep.
    Thank you.

  2. Andy

    This musk is stunning, I can’t stop smelling the back of my hand when I put it on. Smells fruity and sweet with the plum and honey with an animalic dark musk/incense running through it. Very potent stuff. Addictive

  3. Mehdi Kaada

    A classic!
    If you like Musk, then you have to have it! A classic but more classy than other black musk you may know! Strong and subtle at the same time.

  4. Abdul

    Lost for words
    Musk Aswad is a fragrance that is very addictive and I find very relaxing. When I smell it I like to close my eyes and continue smelling it. To me, I pick up a lot of what I think Is vetiver. A very deep dark earthy like scent. I also get the nice sweeter aspects like the vanilla which to me contrasts the vetiver quite well. As for the dry plums which are listed in the notes, I do not pick them up at all. Guaranteed. If you are off put by the note of dark dry plums, ignore it. To my thinking I also was off put by that note but when I smelt the fragrance I realised how alluring it was. The smell is very sweet and dark as well. A truly excellent black musk. Also it has beast mode longevity which is expected as it is a black musk. It leaves a very good sillage as well due to its strong elements. Compared to my other black musk, this is much more original and likeable with its soft components and strong components. True luxury.


    Alluring Black Musk
    Alluring & tranquility. Yes, that is what came to my mind when enjoying the scent from this attar. Untamed animalic black musk give ways to a mellow seductive bodily scents over time. The touch of honey & vanila refine the subtlety of bodily scent as an invitation toward a sweet & sensuous aromatic experience. What a joyful surprised!

  6. SalvoJazz

    A plum accord, warm, intimate, greedy, from which a fabulous vanilla comes off in counterpoint, with great discretion.
    Slightly sour plum and very delicate, soft and dusty vanilla.
    A real stroke of genius.
    Binding between the head and the heart of the pyramid, a very special honey arrives. It is not the usual honey is a serious smell, which suggests a dense and waxy raw material.
    While the head disappears, this honey becomes the protagonist and arrives to remain alone on stage, becoming more and more luminous and taking on a remarkable elegance.
    After about 4 or 5 hours, I perceive a very smooth vetiver and some woody notes.
    But the best part is yet to come:
    His Majesty the Musk … light, talc, marine notes, a pinch of salt, as opposed to a vanilla sweetness.
    MAGIC …

  7. Alexandre

    un musc noir merveilleux
    Normalement le musk noir est trop fort trop sucré mais là celui de abdul karim al fransy est merveilleux, subtil, pas entêtant, vanillé et agréable, merci !

  8. Abdul Ahad Ali Al-Hussaini

    This perfume is Nothing but Spiritual in Character. I wear it in my whole day at Friday. I wore the original musk too but this blend is really amazing & amusing with natural & spiritual elements due to it’s ingredients. I just say “matchless & wordless”.

  9. Daniel

    I know black Misk and this is an amazing Stuff. I do not want to go into the individual smells which are great on durability.

    Applied at 7 o’clock in the morning, rubbed lightly between the hands and spread across the face and shirt.
    Hands for wudu washed with soap. and yet at 6 o’clock my hand smelled like Black Musk.
    Also, my co-worker approached me and said I smell very good. Are you looking for good Black Misk, then buy this.

  10. yusuf

    Deep and sweet…

  11. Hassam Ghazi

    Its a nice scent and one of my favourites. Fragrance is quite complex,strong and quality is top notch.
    Only thing I don’t like about this fragrance is “its addicting”.
    Thanks brother for this beautiful creation!!!

  12. Dre Sanchez

    I’m not going to write about all the notes and nuances of this musk. Suffices to say it is beautifully balanced, rich but not offensive in the least. An absolute work of art. If you love quality attars not buying this wonderfully priced gem would be a detriment to your collection, enough said.

  13. Govert

    A powerful composition with a strong peppery opening with hint of dark honey, leather and earthy musk tones. It develops into a deep dark musk and incense overtone with subtle green and dark honey tones. Once in a while a whiff of spicy cinnamon pops-up (maybe Cassia). Later some powdery tones come in accompanied by subtle woody, minty and green tones.
    The longevity of this fragrance is great (on my skin 12+ hours). The sillage is quite heavy and easily fills a room. So a little goes a long way.
    All is all a lovely creation which suits me very well.

  14. Faouzi

    Un parfum prononcé, exactement ce que je cherchais.

  15. waqqas

    salaam alaikum great product great fragrance in this price not too strong not too soft good powdery fragrance of musk.

  16. يوسف

    This is high quality fragrance the best Black musk very very long lasting

  17. Kevan

    AKAF continues to surprise me. At first I was wary of this, from a Westerner’s perspective. I’d tried black musks in the past and they just didn’t work on me. Too “hippy dippy”, too much like an incense stick to actually wear as a perfume. This one is sort of like that, but better. Smoother. Obviously higher quality. A honeyed, floral, smoky, fruity sweet mixture that is very pleasant to the nose, and not at all offensive or “dirty”. The honey note (as usual with AKAF perfumes) is very prominent and anchors the fragrance, supporting the other notes and smoothing out the vetiver. Still though, I’d recommend this as something to enjoy for yourself rather than to impress others. It’s a very calming scent to be sure, but it’s very projecting, and will get you noticed. Those unused to old fashioned attars might wrinkle their noses as you walk past. But if you’ve never tried a black musk before and you’re curious, this is a perfect choice.

  18. Gilberto @canemalto Di Virgilio

    Tra le varie proposte di Abdul Karim Al Faransi nella categoria Musk (R)evolution, Musk Aswad (che significa Muschio Nero) fu quella che mi colpì di più in quanto unico prodotto di colore scurissimo rispetto gli altri e con piramide olfattiva particolarmente intrigante:

    Dark Dry Plums
    Kashimiri Honey
    Indian Khus (Vetiver)
    Woody Notes

    L’ambra usata dal profumiere è una di quelle che paragonate alle ambre da noi conosciute, è la regina delle ambre! Assolutamente narcotica e fa presa in una maniera inaudita. La fragranza è assolutamente in pieno stile orientale, sembra di entrare in una moschea piena di incensi fumosi e resinosi. Questa creazione è degna di nota, meriterebbe un piedistallo.
    Bravo Anthony, questo sarà un profumo che non dovrà mai mancare nella mia collezione!

  19. Jeff

    Have this deep dark wonderful Musk on now. I put it on eight hours ago and it is still projecting. Would buy again and
    what a great price! Always superb customer service!

  20. N Keshwani

    It was a blind buy since I have faith in this house and this turned out to be one of the best. Fantastic fragrance, long lasting and pleasant.

  21. Muzaffar

    Just a Brilliant attar, superior quality and lasts quite long, reminds of my child hood entering into Masjid-and the calm feeling I felt.
    Would recommend for special occasions and not for daily use.

  22. marian devadas ( esteve)

    the most beautiful musk i ve sniffed so far. superbissim attar !

  23. Hitz

    Ohhh my god amazing just little bit and you can muskyyyy and some high quality atmosphere. Some vanilla mix with great amber and very nice atmosphere around you and this atmosphere will continue very long time it may be 8-10 hour up. Thanks

  24. Khaled

    Very rich and extremely strong and long lasting scent. This is a high quality fragrance but its not for everyone. This is a more formal scent, not for everyday usage.

  25. Robert

    This is a typically Indian attar but of superb quality. The top notes are clear and bright and it morphs into a dark, heavy and deliciously rich composition. Extremely strong, this attar will last all day. The amber and musk notes are very reminiscent of a top quality Indian incense. Beautiful work!

  26. Samuel Almeida

    Dark, masculine, nostalgic.

    For some reason I go back in time. This attar makes me travel, not in space but in time, the funny part, I have no idea why but this scent is familiar to me, like a vintage fragrance.

    This is a beautiful attar, amazingly strong, high quality black musk. Beautiful plum over a base of slightly dirty vetiver, a bit sweet, musky and dark, I get a bit of animalic notes as well, actually in the dry down on my skin the animalic notes are a bit intense, the only thing that turns me a bit off, but I’m not a big fan of animalic notes, wearing them at least.

    Nonetheless this is an amazing fragrance, with a vintage style, powerful, strong and masculine, yet sweet and very well balanced, just beautiful.

    Amazing creation.

    P.S: 6ml will last you a long time, since you only need a tiny bit because it’s really strong.

  27. Anne Brennan

    This is a beautiful honey leather musk, it’s very beautifully and cleverly crafted and the AKAF DNA is instantly recognisable. What Abdul Karim does with his parfum is make them into masterpieces. Fabulous.

  28. Elmo

    This Musk Aswad is really good – Rich honey nuances syrupy entirely wearable in western settings – Price and value are out-of-this-world – Highly recommended

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