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Mexico is a sweet and elegant perfume. Mexico has a huge heritage and is known to be first populated more than 13,000 years ago. I chose this perfume to highlight the sweetness of this country.


Mexico has a rather feminine style but can easily be worn by gentlemen. Mexico officially named Estados Unidos Mexicanos (United Mexican States) is the third largest country in Latin America.


.Vanilla, Pineapple

.Lemon, Coconut

.Creamy White Musk

Weight N/A

1/4 Tola (3ml Classic Bottle), 1/2 Tola (6ml Luxury Bottle), 1 Tola (12ml Luxury Bottle), Sample (0.5ml)

3 reviews for Mexico

  1. Graciela Alejandra Razouk

    Sweet, sexy, sensual, addictive, long lasting. wonderful creation

  2. Mohsin Hanif

    Stunningly Unique
    I receive a vial of this musk as a sample with another purchase and didn’t really know what to expect. I used it on a whim after a shower one morning and was immediately blown away. The core DNA is very much an Arabian body musk, thick in texture that glides on to the skin with ease but with the familiar powdery scent that have made Arabian musks wildly popular. But that clean, powder smell is enveloped into a sweet cocoon of coconut, vanilla and a dash of pineapple – none of which are overpowering in the least, but which blend seamlessly into the main body of the fragrance itself.

    The ultimate effect is a stunning musk that is utterly unique but utterly addictive. And yes, it has supreme longevity – a little goes a very long way.

  3. Abu Areej

    Long lasting white musk
    Love the scent. Surprisingly, the projection is awesome for just one swipe. My wife used this and I could smell the scent wafting in the air from outside the room. I love how the coconut and vanilla rounds up the scent, making it not a basic white musk, however, a more complex one. Brother Abdul Karim was very kind to provide a free full 3ml bottle of another scent, alhamdulillah. May Allaah bless this business.

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