Aged White Sandalwood


Aged White Sandalwood

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Sandalwood is one of the most ancient incense in the World. White sandal is a traditional and natural incense. The scent is sweet and creamy, warm and woody.

Made from old trees aged of more than 40 years, Aged White Sandalwood is the best quality. This first grade Indian sandalwood is sold within big sticks to keep the beauty, originality and authenticity of each stamped pieces.

100g is the weight of 2 to 4 sandal sticks depending the size of each wood and will be chosen randomly from our stock to have a total of at least 100g.


How to use it:

Cut a little piece from the wood stick.

Light up a charcoal and put it in an incense burner, traditional or a modern designed incense burner or any type.

Place a small piece of sandalwood onto the hot coal and let the smoke perfume the room. You can make a fumigation, meaning perfuming yourself and clothes, curtains etc…with it, take the bakhoor burner next to you or what you want to perfume for 30 to 60 seconds.

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50 (g), 75 (g), 100 (g)


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