Oud Sumatra

Oud Sumatra

Oud Sumatra is the ultimate experience of Indonesian oud. Oud Sumatra belongs to the lineage of classic Oud oils from Indonesia but our unique vision offers an unprecedented sensory style. Indonesian oud scent is very different to Cambodian or Indian ones. Oud Sumatra is a combination of fresh woody and green notes, accompanied by a touch of orange sweetness.


Oud Sumatra has a subtle masculine style and Sumatra is among the various Indonesian islands.


​​​​​​​Olfactory description

Wet Wood, Fresh Green Notes, Hint of Orange

Almonds, Lemongrass

Patchouli, Indonesian Oud

5 stars based on 2 reviews
Afzal Shaikh
from India

Calming and Cool

I bought this attar from Umar Perfumes. Initially I felt it smelled medicinal, however once it starts to settle on your skin, it becomes Sweety, woody and cool. I'm sniffing Oud Sumatra as I write this review. I personally use it indoors to sniff the Sweet wood scent of this offering. Jazak-Allah khair Anthony and Khalid bhai.

Shah Mohammed
from Texas

Wow! Masha Allah

I just bought a sample of this Oud. I can smell every note describe here. It's hardly any animalic oud. Great perfume. Love it. I have to check sillage & longevity on this though.

Thank you AKAF.

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