Oud di Corleone

Oud di Corleone

A perfume you can’t refuse, made for businessmen who want to be classy without being classical. Oud di Corleone takes its inspiration from Sicily where citrus fruits were brought with the Arab invasion more than thousand years ago. The name Corleone in fact comes from the Arabic given name Qurlayun of the Emirate of Sicily. And from the history of Corleone, we have made a fragrance whose scents wander from Sicily to the Middle East.


Oud di Corleone has a rather masculine style. Corleone is a small sun-drenched town in Sicily.


Olfactory description

Lemon, Orange from Sicily

Italian Espresso, Grapefruit

Ancient Wood, Oud Cambodi

5 stars based on 2 reviews
Ghez souheil
from France

fresh summer scent !!

A wonderful sensory journey in cicily. A sweet, tangy fragrance, warmed by the oud which tames it fabulously.

Abdul Muzaffar
from Birmingham

Very good, definitely complicated

This is a sweet citrus-oud fragrance which is of high quality and has a sort of Jaffa cake smell (not in a bad way but good). It is definitely a good compliment getter

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