Oud Cuiré

Oud Cuiré

Oud Cuiré is a leathery version of traditional Oud Cambodi. Leather fragrances have received reputation for being difficult to wear, however when combined with Cambodian oud, balanced by fruity and floral accords are simply wonderful. The reasonable earthiness of Oud Cambodi notes is quickly dissipated by leather notes without the unbearable enormity of this kind of scent. Oud Cuire is in fact relatively sweet and warm for a Oud based fragrance and a delight for the senses.

Cuiré means Leather in French. Oud Cuiré is an addicting and wild leathery woody scent. It is recommended for both ladies and gentlemen who appreciate perfumes full of character.


​​​​​​​Olfactory description

Almonds, Apricots, honeysuckle, Plums

Leather from Italy, Sweet Floral

Smoky Wood, Oud Cambodi

5 stars based on 6 reviews
Abu Ameer
from Germany


What an amazing Oud- . Powerful , leather, earthy

love the scent


Best one after their Hindi oud

from AZ

Oud Cuiré is such a delicious entertwining of scents that you cannot help

yourself from telling everyone and having them sniff your wrist. I receive

many compliments when I wear that oil. It lasts for up to 12 hours on my


Bitcoin Benji
from The Best Country in the World, TEXAS

The beautiful mixture of cambodian oud, stone fruit and florals are very bright, while there's a soft leather that grounds the whole accord. It smells like honeysuckles, which reminds me of very dear times in my young childhood with my brother and our friends when we would eat the honey from honeysuckle flowers in the summer evenings.

from Spain

"Oud Cuire" is a dirty and sweet leather, a fruity sweetness that balances animal notes very well, although the beginning is very animal, and for my taste a little unpleasant, but in a matter of seconds, we can see one of the most realistic that I could smell. It smells like a new leather wallet with sweet fruit nuances. A delight for the senses.

Karim Al-Maghrebi
from UK

This is one of the best "leather" ouds around, yes on par or better than Armani Prive and YSL private collection £200+ bottles of Oud Cuir.

To me this has resemblance to Oud Hindi, not as sharp or barny, it quickly develops into a lovely smokey leathery scent which is not animalistic or harsh. Top marks for this one, at this price simply unbeatable.

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