Oud al Amir

Oud al Amir

Oud Al Amir is a visionary version of Oud Cambodi. Experience the scent of Dehn Al Oud Cambodi well balanced between strength and sweetness. At first it resembles classic Oud Cambodi with animalic and earthy notes but it is quickly followed by a sweet and caramelised woody style and a complexity of dried fruits offering a smooth balance out the Oud, gifting it complexity and sweetness without being overpowered.

​​​​​​​Oud Al Amir is a very masculine scent, but can be considered as suitable for ladies who love deep woody scents.​​​​​​​

Olfactory description

Sweet Woody, Caramel 

Dried fruits, Honey, Sweet Ripe Fruits

Smoky wood, Oud Cambodi

5 stars based on 23 reviews
from Cyprus

Right for man's world

Strong oud, not for everyone.

Received a sample with my order. I would love to smell it on a man. Start is heavy but it's alive and very enjoyable after. Thank you so much for sending it to me for discovering olfactive jewels.

Abu Areej
from Singapore

Dark, formal scent

Everything from this house is absolutely amazing! Love each of the attars purchased, and this is no exception. Dark, serious,oudy amd definitely suits formal. The oud stays in the background after a while, making the other noted pop up more.

Every attar that I have bought from this house is amazing. They even gave me more than 5 samples so far. Such generosity is rare nowadays. May Allaah bless this business.

Ahmad A'bed
from New Jersey

Amazing second phase

It very pleasant for this price! I got 3ml and I’m happy with it . Amazing job AKAF

Christopher Sisk
from Tennessee, USA

Beautiful Honey-Infused Oud & Dried Fruits

This gem of a perfume opens with a gorgeous blend of honey and earthy fruit accords that feels like a fine, fruity oud slow-burning in a pool of warm bubbling honey. This is regal and luxurious feeling yet still inviting and comforting. A beautiful perfume blend!

from Poland

Great oud blend

I have been wearing this oil for a good while now, and had some of my friends try it as well.

I love it , I definitely do... that said, I find it rather difficult to review. The fragrance is extremely multi-faceted, and not only that, it also can develop in a most unexpected manner, depending on the wearer's skin chemistry. People whom I asked described it as 'wood', 'resin', and 'incense' but at the same time as 'very sweet'. Good quality oud obviously takes the central place in this composition, as the name suggests, but after all, there is much more to this fragrance than just oud.

In terms of performance, it does have some sillage and can be sensed by those around you, but it is definitely not a room-filling type of fragrance. On my skin it last a good couple of hours, depending on the weather, and some two days on clothes.

But how do I perceive the scent?

The other day in August I was camping at the riverside, on a tiny scrap of meadow between a forest and the river bank. There had been a thunderstorm earlier that afternoon, everything was moist, and the evening was getting rather foggy. On top of that, campfire smoke was lingering all around the place. Now, imagine that smell - resinous smoke combined with lush greenness of late summer and vapours of wet soil.

That evening, I happened to be wearing Oud al Amir - and I could hardly tell the difference between the perfume and the surrounding smells of nature.

Thank you Abdul Karim for this wonderful creation!

from The Netherlands

A well balanced fragrance with a powerful sweet honey and caramel opening, after about 30-45 minutes (on my skin) it tones down en leaves a very subtle green and woody aroma. The Oudh is very restraint and plays a supporting role in this play.

Not the powerhouse from sniffing the bottle but rather an elegant composition.

from Italy

Very well blended fragrance. Animalic and smoky in the opening. It becomes sweet, creamy and woody in the dry down. It's like eating marshmallows at a campfire. Average projection and longevità. Wonderful experience.

Daniel Bourne
from Ireland

This really is a beautiful and unique fragrance. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the perfumes I have purchased from this house and hope to try many more in the future

from London

Sublime, it definitely is!

This is what the dream man should smell like, in winter at least. I love this scent, something crazy!!!

The fruits are subtile and not cloying, balancing the burnt wood perfectly.

This is a masterpiece!

Can be worn by a woman but somehow even if I'm tempted to buy it for myself, I'd feel like a fraud; unworthy of it not masculine enough. I will make my husband wear it instead. I cannot recommend this enough but you need to wear this with confidence.

100% love it!!!!

Actually smelling it as I'm writing, I will wear it as well! Can't be without "mystery in a bottle". 😍

Ebrahim Bah
from Sweden

I really pleased with this Oud. Really sweet and balsamic..I recomend this for all the oud lovers

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