Oud Abiyad

Oud Abiyad

Oud Abiyad is a fresh and clean Middle Eastern scent. It is a woody fragrance with a vibrant leathery character around gentle and smooth notes. Oud Abiyad is mid-way between Arabian and Western perfumes while opening opportunity to discover a classic scent of the Middle East and the oud world. It offers a peppery citrus accord before a combination of leathery and woody notes.

Oud Abiyad is suitable for ladies and gentlemen. The meaning of Oud Abiyad is White Oud.

Olfactory description:

Citrus, Lemon, Fresh Eucalyptus

White Pepper, Clean Musk, Leather

Vanilla, Sandalwood, Indian Oud

5 stars based on 9 reviews
Ali Hussain
from Sharjah, UAE

Oud+Freshness at its best

For me its the 2nd best after Nedjma out of the perfumes i've tried. The fresh beginning and oud/woody end gives an amazing experience.

Mehdi Kaada
from Cognac, France


Very likable perfume, classy and easy to wear!

Abdul Muzaffar
from Solihull

Best everyday scent

Oud Abiyad for me is one of the best everyday oud scents out there. Don’t be scared by the note of Hindi Oud. There is no sort of or skanky or animalic oud here but it is a nice woody and slightly leathery oud in the base which to my nose smells beautiful. Alongside the oud that is hidden deep down in the scent, there is lots of bright citruses that are very refreshing and zingy. To my nose I also pick up a reasonable peppery scent which I really like and think it goes well with both the fresh and woody aspects of this perfume. Overall I think this is an excellent perfume for a work or institutional environment where there might be a lot of people. It is definitely an easy to wear compliment getter with very very very good longevity. When you apply it you should run your hands through your shirt or clothes which will help longevity be even longer as it stays longer on clothes than skin. I got around a whole days wear out of this which is excellent in my opinion. Definitely unisex aswell

Bilal Aakouk
from Netherlands

Mature and bussinesclass oudh

The oudh has a strong character and a lot of deepnes. It is very soft not Sharp and it’s tone is between earthy-leathery and honeysweet. It is very suiting to sniff it threw your noise cause it is sweet and soft but also very powerfull. Beautifully blend by Anthony

from United States

Very gentle. Probably a good jumping off point for AKAF, or Arabian fragrances in general. A peppery citrus topnote accord, followed by a leathery wood accord. That's about it. It's simple and effective. It dips your toes in the world of oud. Suitable for daytime wear and not likely to overwhelm or offend. The note list describes this pretty well, so if you like any of those listed, give this a shot.

Bitcoin Benji
from The Best Country in the World, TEXAS

Very gentle, refreshing and crisp accord.

The white pepper removes the pungent/sour citrus of the lemon, and the lemon softens the pepper, making it very soothing. The whole accord is grounded in the gentle musk, soft leather and aggressive sandalwood, which contrast well and become a fresh woodsy accord.

Despite being the cheapest of the oud attars, it is my favorite scent from AFAK (I own total of 6 scents; 1 business class, 3 ouds, a white musk, and a Master Chef scent.) Will probably change once I experience many others, which I just ordered.

from Australia

I didn't actually buy this: it was included as a free sample in my order. (Thank you!) I actually like it better than some of the ones I purchased :) Softly woodsy and leathery, suitable for any occasion, season or sex. Great for times when a more animalic oud might not be appropriate. I find it very likeable.

from Canada
Karim Al Maghrebi
from London, UK

This was my very first AKAF Oud.

It is a lovely, soft and sweet Oud with plenty longevity.

Unmistakably Oudy but with a vibrant leathery character and some softer notes after a while.

A definite must have from AKAF.

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