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Musk Tahara Al Faransi



Musk Tahara Al Faransi is an olfactory beauty and a very addictive fragrance. It is a pioneer among white musk variants. Indeed it is a redesigned version of classic thick white musks known as musk tahara, not over powering, with gourmand notes of hazelnuts, honey and vanilla. Lemon adds some freshness to this subtle and non invasive perfume. It's all about sweetness and can be easily worn on any occasion by both ladies and gentlemen.


Musk Tahara is a kind of arabian creamy white musk


Hazelnuts from Turkey

White Lotus

Vanilla from Tahiti


Lemon from Spain

Taif Rose

​​​​​​​White musk


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Agnes - Hungary

The only word I think suits your creations is UNIQUE in the best way possible. I own many perfumes, preferably perfume oils and my all time favourites are musk oils. I have many different kinds of them but since I've tried your perfumes I simply don't reach for any other perfume. Comparing other musk oils to AKAF creations is useless, for me all the others seem to be boring, plain, or very generic comparing to yours. I own Sakinah that is a more feminine, passionate blend for evenings and special ocassions and Musk Tahara Al Faransi that is a luxurious everyday blend, comforting, exciting , and simply uncomparable. It is so gentle that I can use it as a new mum of a 1 week old baby but it is still long lasting. Worth every penny.

Also, I'm really grateful for the gift!

I came back and ordered full bottles of Musk Tahara Al Faransi and also 5 more 3 ml bottles of other blends, I'm so pleased with your genious talent, beautiful taste and products. Thank you!!!!!

Kevan - United States

A white musk with character. Soft and creamy floral like other white musks, but with the addition of nuts and lemon to make it unique. Effortlessly unisex and actually lasts....a very good buy for fans of this. I think it skews slightly more feminine, but it's easily wearable by all.

Jeff - USA

Beautiful clean Musk smell. Long lasting. Very good price.

Always superb customer service.

Muzaffar - UK

This is quite a special kind of Musk- Attar , which can be used on a daily .

Strong but not over powering,subtle smell lasts all day.

GalileoFigaroMagnifico - Australia

Gloriously good. Absolutely nothing harsh, sharp or jarring about this scent: it's all softness. Faintest lemon-cake lemon note and then just waves and waves of the plushest white musk you can imagine. Lasts for ages with lovely sillage, yet never intrudes. A classic and a keeper.

Farangis - Oklahoma

The musk is not too strong. Very soft hazelnut swift as a first note and then you can sence citrus, nothing like I have tried before. Not really a big fan but some people might like it. Very settle.

Karim Al-Maghrebi - UK

This is basically the best white musk anyone has pretty much ever formulated. The genius of adding hazelnuts and vanilla makes this a super-addictive fragrance that you just keep wanting to smell and apply more of ! The longevity is more than average for a white musk of this type as is the projection, the lemon adds some freshness to this which also stands out.

Khaled - Canada

Another beautiful musk blend. Has a very addictive smell thats makes you want to keep on sniffing it. It opens up with thick vanilla notes. I personally find this one to be better than the Yemeni version.

Also, jazak Allahu khairan akhi Abdul Karim - I ordered the 3ml and you upgraded it to the 6ml at no extra cost. Allahuma baarik lak

Davide F. - Milano
Robert - Canada

Often I find that white musks can be far too sweet and powdery. Not this one, however. The hazelnut and citrus

keep the scent neither overtly masculine nor feminine. Being based on white musk, the fragrance lasts a long, long time and melds into a skin scent. Subtle and noninvasive, this can be an ideal fragrance for every occasion. The milky liquid in the bottle is very handsome.

Sara - Tokyo, Japan

This is happiness in a bottle. It opens with a summery note of lemon/verbena and a delicious hazelnut note. The hazelnut here is not a cloyingly sweet like nutella, but feels more earthy and savory. After an hour, this becomes a creamy skin scent on me. Another beautiful musk from this house.

Deborah Lane McGuire - PA, USA

A classic beauty. Lush, honeyed vanilla opens with some nuttiness and the tartness of lemon. One of my favorites from this house.

بلال بن محمد الخطابي - Rotterdam

Odour of freshness, I like it much. I've used the old version and am awaiting the new version.

Mohamed Haikal - Singapore

The scent is amazing, very addictive you can't stop smelling it. Definitely my favourite!

Muhammad Amine - Algeria

Sweet, addictive, and long lasting.