Musk Bushi Sensei

Musk Bushi Sensei

Musk Bushi Sensei is a revisited version of the classic and popular Arabian scent called black musk. The sensory journey from Middle East to Far East, making a brief stop in Japan, offers balanced oriental notes around a powerful and soapy musk base. A unique and brilliant sensory blend made with flowers.


Musk Bushi Sensei has a subtle masculine style between force and prestige. Musk Bushi Sensei means Warrior Master Musk. 


Olfactory description

Osmanthus from Japan, Oriental Incense

Subtle Vanilla, Wild Rose from Asia

Honey, Himalayan Musk

5 stars based on 2 reviews
Kevan Cummings
from United States

A dressed up, classy Black Musk

I didn't think I would be writing a review of this one, but it snuck up on me. Normally I'm not a fan of black musk scents to wear. I enjoy them as a sensory experience, but they are a bit too animalic and funky for my personal style. Musk Bushi Sensei is something different, though. It's as if Anthony Marmin took Musk Aswad and combined it with the floral, vanillic touch of RBX 59. The result is impressive -- a black musk with class and sophistication, with the floral notes smoothing out the wild edges of your typical black musk while retaining its assertive nature. Longevity and projection are impressive, and the drydown is surprisingly the Beauty put the Beast in a suit and took him to the ball. This is a "must try" at the very least for those curious about slightly darker scents.

Alexandre Mohamed
from Paris

Le meilleur des musk Noir au monde

De base le musk noir s'adresse à une personne qui aime le parfum fort, corsé et agressif, il est parfois telleemnt fort qu'il peut être une cause de divorce lol !

Anthony marmin a réussi donc à sublimer le musk noir, il y a dedans tout ce qu'il y a de bien dans le musk noir mais il a enlevé ce côté agressif et désagréable pour certains, Bravo !

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