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Mukhallat Bushi Sensei



​​​​​​​Mukhallat Bushi Sensei might be powerful, defeating the enemy, and also balanced with relaxing notes. Imagine you're walking in Kyoto gardens full of precious flowers, while smelling beautiful Bonsai trees, Mukhallat Bushi Sensei has an elegant, light touch. Discernible sweetness, the scent is impossible to ignore, with its base of agarwood, decorated with black tea and a hint of aloe vera. This fragrance is suitable for ladies and gentlemen.


Mukhallat Bushi Sensei means the Blend of the warrior master.


Black tea

Japan flowers



Aloe Vera

Aoud from Cambodia


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Frederick - Virginia

A Bag of Sour Lemon Sweeties

Bear with me people so I can put a very very vivid memory in most people's minds of what this is going to smell like.

Upon applying this oil I struggled because it was sweet, powdery, barny and herbal then... quiet... I sniffed again.... I am in elementary/primary school again and I'm on the swing set and I've dropped a lemon candy I pick it up quickly and twist the sides to open it. I had a small lunch and was very hungry. The lemon candy presents itself to me a shining, translucent, golden egg and as fast as I saw the candy I smell the aroma an addictingly sweet herbal and acidic aroma that only half reminds me of a lemon but instead a candied, juicy, powdery, citrus...

I am a little older but still in primary school and my friend shares with me his lemon-heads they are completely different looking than my first lemon candies but he puts the bag to my face and there it is that smell... The smell entices me to try once again and it is sweet and oh so sour... My friend laughs.

This scent has no notes of lemon and no notes of sugar but on my skin the papaya, aloe, Cambodian oud and black tea create this incredibly smooth one note accord that give me a three dimensional candied citrus peel with no barn but instead acidity that reminds me of my childhood once again.

A brilliant work scent I believe that is invigorating, acidic, and alluring like the candy but refined, powdery, and smooth for a mature individual.

Ahad Ali Al-Hussaini - Abu Dhabi

A walk to a heavenly garden

If you want to walk through a natural (not man-made) garden full of flowers & some fruits trees along with a cup of tea at the top of a mountain than MUKHALLAT BUSHI SENSI takes you to that imaginationary walk while sitting at home (#Quarantine). The Bouquet of Jepenes flowers & the aroma of your own cup of black tea welcome you at that heavenly Garden suddenly you feel the smell of 'Sansi' trees around you and the leafs of the trees makes Japanese folk music Bushi through fresh breeze blowing and you just across few trees of Oud who just getting young in that garden. This sensory journey makes you happy, smiley & sound.

Alexandro suazo - Vancouver

A delightful balance

The papaya and agarwood from Cambodia was a well-balanced mix not too overpowering with agerWood... The tapers off nicely what's gives off a beautiful aromatic smell of flowers and fruits not too sweet either just right for those who appreciate the finer smells in life! MashaAllaah well done my dear Muslim brother barakallaahufeekum

Robert - Canada

A lovely and refined scent, Bushi Sensei is like nothing I have experienced before. The top notes are somewhat fruity: they blend into the middle notes which are complex and woody. I don't know if the tea notes are what temper the sweetness of the fragrance. The basenotes seem to be a variation of agarwood. The impression is one of a very expensive and select Japanese incense. Bravo for creating something unique!

Samuel Almeida - Portugal

Papaya, papaya and papaya, a blast of tropical vibe at the opening. Then it develop further, the japanese cherry blossoms and the aloe vera, give it a soft floral green nuance. In the end we a get a very tropical fresh mukhallat, with a touch of woody smokiness to it, not sure if it's from the oud, the black tea or both, but probably it's from the oud, compared to Abdul other attars we can trace his beautiful oud signature, woody with a small hint of smokiness, just beautiful. Wonderfull composition, and I usually don't like most tea fragrances.

The first time I tried this, it was winter, I didn't enjoy it as much, the notes need a bit of warm (20º+ celsius) to really develop and shine.

Longevity on my skin is not the greatest on this one (4 to 5 hours), wish it lasted a bit more, but the scent trapped within clothes will last a long time.

Very safe, easy to like mukhallat, very tropical and fresh, best for warmer months. Unisex, leaning a bit more masculine in my opinion.

Karim Al Maghrebi - London, UK

Mukhallat Bushi Sensei is AKAF's offering of a Japanese Oud mix and it works amazingly well.

It is like walking in Kyoto gardens full of Cambodian agarwood trees. Sweet and flowery scents with a lovely Cambodian oud undertone.

Yet again a truly unique mix by AKAF, highly recommended, every person I've shared this scent with has asked me what it is - showing its unique nature.

Ansar - San Francisco

Sweet stay all day very good quality attar

Ansar - San Francisco

Sweet stay all day very good quality attar

Elmo - Hong Kong

Now this one is unusual - Elegant llight touch with discernible sweetness - Wife likes it (and she tends to stay away from Arabic perfumes) - Slightly feminine for those who like a lighter touch - And again incredible value