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Mukhallat At Tabari



History of an Empire. Mukhallat at Tabari takes you to the heart of Persia with a complex and sophisticated attar. The richness of this perfume gives it an unpredictable edge and it is undoubtedly the most avant-garde perfume of the Heritage (R)evolution Collection. You will never get enough of its pleasure since the scent is in continuous evolution with a strategic combination of flowers and patchouli alternating with dark and sweet notes around a non aggressive oudh Cambodi. It has a subtle masculine style.



Mukhallat At Tabari means Blend from Tabaristan. Tabaristan was a name of a province in Northern Persia.


Sweet Indian Flowers

Taif Rose

Dry fruits


Black Musk

Light Vanilla

Woody Notes


Oud from Cambodia


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Susan Sykes - London UK

A superb Mukhallat!

Beautiful fragrance, strong but easy to wear!

Zohair Merchant - Katy,Texas

Let me start by saying this man is not a genius for making this blend, but truly the most brilliant Artisan in the perfume niche I have ever run across. His passion for excellence truly is portrayed in this scent! This is the true epitome of Royal 👑 Middle Eastern Elegance! This the the most uniquely sweet smell and yet, very masculine ever made. There is no smell of opulence like this in today’s marketplace in any other company👌🏼

Suffian Dar - Glasgow

First of all its hats off to the guy who has made me smell like a king without me being one. If you've never came across a gem in a bottle then this is it! Another masterpiece from the house of alfaransi very cleverly put in a bottle..every note in this is fragrance is top class & finely blended to precision ..you have top notes of agarwood, rose & patchouli which after about 15min  takes you into a garden full of flowers..The fragrance is nice & sweet, not overpowered, the longevity is a good 8 plus hours & compliments & feedback from people are very positive..This one is a definite I'll be keeping in my pocket.

Kevan - United States

Honestly I'd call this the "friendlier" version of Baghdad. It starts out strong, but calms to a pleasant, somewhat-sweet, spicy rose, less aggressive on the nose than other rose notes I've encountered. I assume this is the vaunted Taif rose, much sought-after in Arabian perfumes. Whereas Baghdad is very dry and somewhat sharp, this is a little sweeter and softer around the edges. Patchouli is very noticeable here as well. My nose isn't getting all the notes listed, but I'd agree with the previous reviewer that it skews toward the feminine side. A confident man could pull this off, however. Smoky agarwood does peek out in the drydown. Overall a nicely-done fragrance, if not exactly my style.

Soraya - London

Gorgeous,gorgeous, gorgeous!!

The initial application is a little scary as the Sweet Indian flower smell is strong and made me worry that I would overwhelm everyone around me.

But no! The scent suddenly calms down and the flower make space for the rest of the notes which frankly I can't pick out individually. Taif rose,sweet Agarwood and Patchouli are the most prominent ones to my nose .

For some reason I smell leather even though it's not listed but it's a soft one, not animalic or dirty.

The dry down is stunning and very feminine in my opinion.

Everybody skin is different and this oil suits my skin. I will also try it in colder weather to see if it makes a difference but warm weather works well.

I don't think I bought so many perfumes from one single house before. I must say that each one is a piece of art. The quality is undeniable.

I'm a big fan.

Flavien - Birmingham