Malikat Saba

Malikat Saba

The Queen of Saba (Malikat Saba), Balqees, was a female ruler. Possessor of a magnificent throne, she ruled a kingdom which was in South Arabia, in present-day Yemen. Her story with the prophet and king Sulaiman is mentioned in the Quran and many sources.


This perfume is a representation of the Arabian Glamour, a true elegant and romantic blend. A very chic fragrance, a must have for every lady, musky and sweet with a tiny spicy touch... a charming aroma.


Olfactory description

Saffron, Bergamot, Honey, Sweet Candy

Yemeni Bakhoor, Vanilla Ice Cream, Grapes

White Musk, Amber

5 stars based on 3 reviews
from Villiers-sur-marne


Sa description définiti parfaitement sa senteur. Ce n'est pas le genre de parfum que je porterais habituellement mais celui-ci est particulièrement léger, les notes orientales sont bien équilibrées et douces !

Gabrielle Young
from United States

Gorgeous Scent

I received this scent with my order as a sample. It blew me away, and now I’m in the process of ordering this scent now!

D. Bellissimo
from USA

Beautiful Sweet

I Received This Rare Sweet Gem Of A Sample With my order today.I must say ...Very Sweet Feminine honey Saffron wrapped With White musk peaking Out the clouds.True Spring time treat

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