Hind is a passionately warm and spicy perfume. Containing among others agarwood, sandalwood, amber and Taif rose, its scents take you on a sensory journey to the Middle East.


Hind is a harmonious fragrance suitable for ladies and gentlemen.


Olfactory description

Taif rose, Spicy Notes, Sweet Notes

Sweet woody, Ambery


5 stars based on 26 reviews
Abu Areej
from Singapore

All about that sandalwood

This attar is all about that amazing sandalwood drydown. I can see myself using this for my daily prayers and also to relax myself after work. Definitely will purchase a bigger bottle in future. Works well in tropical climates as well.

from Solihull

Spicy sandalwood

First of all, let’s say that this has excellent longevity. It lasts on skin for 12+ hours for me which is great. It was still projecting after exercising in the morning.

The scent is amazing here and very very unique. On first sniff you get all the Indian and Pakistani spices that bring back memories of being in Pakistan. They aren’t strong food like spices but a concoction of different nice raw spices. Underneath all of the spices is a truly amazing sandalwood which I love. It gives the sense of dryness aswell which I love. It takes me on a sensory journey to south east Asia. There is also a hint of the Taif Rose which is not that prominent but is still there and when you pick it up it smells very well rounded and light. The mixture of these different notes results in very nicely rounded and warm smells. An excellent scent

Subeer Hydros
from UAE

The Best Oriental Perfume I have ever used

Recently I ordered a sample bottle of Hind attar and I am going to order 1 or 2 bottles soon. It works for me as a mood changer as well as a compliment getter. May Allah bless this business.

Shelby Scarbrough
from Chicago

Gorgeous perfume

This is one of the most beautiful scents I have ever tried. It is woody, spicy, & sweet. There's hints of rose but for me the sandalwood is prominent which I love. This is duch a great perfume and I will need to order a larger bottle next time!

A. Lewis
from London, UK

I am in 7th heaven with this fragrance. And in my mind it transports me to a Persian rose garden planted somewhere near Damascus and I'm absolutely blown away by the quality of these oils and this composition. Especially, as Hind is the rose I've been looking for, for the last 3 years, since I started collecting fragrances. And it competes favourably with my other favourite rose by Aigner and I never want to be without these two.

And although Hind Is not massive compared to some others in terms of sillage, its enough for someone close to you to get it. And that's enough for me.

Zohair Merchant
from Katy, Texas

Mysterious Rose 🌹 Delight

This begins with an unexplainable and mysterious Rose blend and then afterwards it mellows down to a calm and elegant mint. After a bit it settles to its true nature which is the most precious Taif Rose. This is a true must for one who truly seeks a Rose with Taif, something that has to be in one’s collection, if he or she truly loves a unique blend👌🏼

Sara Hadath
from Canada

Smell fantastic

I got it as a sample. Now ordering the 6 ml bottle. I love the evolution on my skin. I highly recommend it!!!

Shah Mohammed
from Texas

It is spicy, little dark ( without Oud though, interesting!), flowery. Must try.

from MCR

I bought this in a 3ml Bottle from the AKAF shop in Birmingham.

How it smells

On my skin, it has an initial smell of spicy rose with a warm amber vibe with great sillage after applying to pulse points. After a while, the sandalwood is more noticeable and the ambery spice is still there. It becomes more of a skin scent after a few hours. The oil is well blended with the perfect proportion of each not making this smell unique and classy. It has a slightly eastern Arabic characteristic, hence the name Hind.

Where I would wear it:

Although I bought this in spring, I imagine it to smell great in the winter and autumn months on a warm scarf and coat to inhale that blissful fragrance on a cold night, it's a really warming smell. I also think it's really nice to wear on a date. To be honest, it's easily worn anywhere anytime.


Great value for money at only £15 for 3ml and a great addition to my collection.

It's unique and not overpowering to other people around you. I find myself topping it up every few hours to keep the projection.

from INDIA

Hind is A beautiful and fascinating attar. The opening is sweet and spicy rose candy & the dry down is marvellous its sweet ambery with the touch of woody notes I love it. The longevity is 12+ Hind is one of my favourite attar

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