French, Muslim, and a Nose
Being French, when you think of France you think of The Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, The Baguette, The Cheese, The luxurious Brands and many more things. 
Paris is seen as the capital of fashion, and for good reasons. Many luxurious brands come from France, or if not, were influenced by the French luxury style
France has way more things about it, many counties / regions where life is very different than Paris, the capital, different activities, customs and weather conditions.

A revert

Being a French Muslim, as we all know France is not a Muslim country. Many people think of French Muslims as people from Maghreb ( Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia ), I am what we would say a French revert Muslim, Islam has since many centuries now crossed all borders. And it is with a great sense of gratefulness towards Allah that I can say I’m part of this beautiful religion. There is no contradiction between being French and Muslim, in fact Islam didn’t come to forbid people’s customs but to guide them to do what is more appropriate and better. Though a lot experiences, meetings and new relationships I have learned so much about other people’s cultures, customs and traditions. It really helps me grow as a man, a father and entrepreneur. The fact that I had to mix with so many different people truly opened my mind and gave me many ideas. 

A nose

Everything said leads to what I have to offer to my beautiful, lovely customers and followers : attractive, unseen and volatile beauties, what we call perfumes, being French truly made me love beautiful smells. And combined with my discovery of Islam it truly made two worlds come together, the Eastern scents mixed with the French luxury. Perfumery is part of the luxury French world, to be able to integrate the Arabian flavour into this has been amazing… to be continued.

Culture is an amazing thing. And there is no harm in learning and appreciating other cultures. In fact, it makes us appreciate and respect each other that little bit more.

— Anthony Marmin —

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