FBI: Fabulous Blend from India

FBI: Fabulous Blend from India

FBI, the FABULOUS BLEND from INDIA, is a dark and warm perfume made with classic and luxury ingredients in the Arabian perfumery such as oud and ambergris. Strong but with some sweetness, this type of oud al amber is very unique. 


FABULOUS BLEND from INDIA is a rather masculine fragrance.


Olfactory description

Amber, Dry fruits

Oceanic Ambergris, Leather

Milk chocolate, Oud Hindi

5 stars based on 10 reviews
Afzal Shaikh
from India Mumbai

Subtle and Classic

The opening is mild and the fragrance blossoms with the heat on your skin. It's sweet, incensy and slightly woody as per what I detected. Very calming and personal. Worth every penny you spent. Jazak-Allah brother Anthony and Khalid Chaudhary from Umar Perfumes.

Zohair Merchant
from USA 🇺🇸

Extraordinary Oudh

This is YES a Fabulous Blend and I add the most Fabulous I’ve ever ever put my nose on to be exact from the family of Indian Oudh! Our Master Artisan had really found the most unique way to Blend the most precious of Indian Oudh and Oceanic Ambergris, something that is a collector’s dream come true! There is no Indian Oudh I’ve ever smelt more pleasant like this in 41 years of my life! I can’t wait to save and apply this when traveling to Europe in the cold 🥶 For those who have not visited the Flagship store, you all are missing out an experience that is unforgettable 🤲🏼✨

Ramo Karatas
from Germany Munich

İt’s a Masterpiece

It's a masterpiece, it's resinous and smoky, oud with amber a peaceful scent that you can wear anywhere. Many have asked where I got that from. You won't get anything like this anywhere for the price. I recommend it to everyone

from Australia


I lovely, thick, attar, mostly oud with slightly sweet nuances from milk chocolate notes. The leather and ambergris is well blended in this creating a dark but bright smelling perfume. I disagree with Elmo-- this is perfect for females. (Gender is so irrelevant when it comes to perfume!)

The throw on this is unfortunately low, which is the only reason why it's 4/5.

from London

Unique and timeless

This was one of the first samples I ever received, and for a long time I couldn’t understand the appeal. I feel like this fragrance is the close relative of Oud al Fares. I bought al Fares and really enjoyed the dark, yet sweet resinous quality. On re examining my sample of FBI I realised they share some notes: the woody sweetness, and the subtle oud. Although I love al Fares, it’s longevity and projection are not notable at all, unlike FBI which can be noticed even the day after applying. The animalic quality is not prominent but adds a delicious savoury note. I love how this fragrance changes over the day and stays interesting and enjoyable. You will he amazed by just how thick this attar is. I would say this is my favourite masculine fragrance from Anthony. If anyone would like to donate a full tola to me, I would be grateful!

Khaldi Nacer
from France

scent of india

Très belles note sombre, cuirée, résineux, épices, fumée ....mais ..manque terriblement de tenue pour un Mukhalat pareille...!

from Arizona

Fabulous Blend of India is SO true. This scent is sensually resinous, very

warm on your skin. Wonderful Oud mixture leaving a trail of sweet dark

Resins as you walk by ...this is my Favorite from Abdul KarimAl Faransi~

from Dublin, Ireland

I have ordered several samples. Among all, this one is the thickest attar and probably lasts the longest. I have smelled pure oud oil and pure ambergris extract and separately, they seemed sweeter to my nose. When mixed together in this attar, the result is not sweet at all. It doesn't smell like any designer fragrance I've smelled in shops. The smell is deep and dark, somewhat resinous, very manly. The closest thing that comes to mind would be old furniture, old leather bound books, old wooden box + leather. Very unique scentt in my collection.

from Milan-Italy
from Hong Kong

This one is becoming one of my favorites - Dark and smokey with some sweetness - Strong - Projects and lasts really long - And the value-for-money is out-of-this-world - Only possible downside is that many females may think this is tilted a little on the masculine side - Highly recommended

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