Best Perfumes for Ramadan

The month of Ramadan is a month of spirituality.

Additional prayers are performed at night after the Isha prayer during this month and they are called Taraweeh. 

Here is my top 5 perfumes to wear during night Ramadan prayers. I have chosen these fragrances for their spiritual style and their inspiration coming from all the Middle East and even up to the Far East.

5. Musk Bushi Sensei

Musk Bushi Sensei is a variant of the classic black musk, very popular all over the World. The spiritual side of this scent is amplified by a Japanese style. This Sophisticated perfume has an amazing longevity.

4. Oud Al Fares

Oud Al Fares is a deep perfume with a combination of oud Cambodi and Indonesian oud. This olfactory base is softened by notes of tangerine, bergamot and vanilla.

3. Baghdad ٢

Baghdad ٢ is a typical Arabian perfume with main notes of oud, saffron and rose. Baghdad ٢ takes its inspiration in the city of the same name which was the World centre of science and technology.

2. Musk Al Faransi

Musk Al Faransi is a clean white musk inspired by Abu Dhabi and Dubai. We have selected few of the best ingredients in the World such as Taif rose, Damask rose and ambrette to make this elegant attar.

1. Amber Al Quds

Amber Al Quds is without any doubt our most spiritual perfume. This fragrance is inspired by Jerusalem, indeed Al Quds is the Arabic name of Jerusalem. Amber Al Quds has a dark and complex scent and is my number one of this top 5.

Those are my top 5. What about you?

— Anthony Marmin —

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