Are Perfumes Unisex?

The concept of perfume for men or women appeared in the nineteenth century with the advent of modern perfumery and for purely commercial purposes. Many experts say: perfume has no gender! Take the example of the rose, perfume for women in the West, its scent is very popular with men in the Middle East.

A “rather masculine” perfume generally has a strong, powerful, imposing scent. A “rather feminine” perfume will be gentle and delicate. And so it happens that some women appreciate the Oud, which is rather masculine, and that some men choose sweet and flowery perfumes, which is rather feminine.

And in truth, there is no harm in this because the perfume is intended to delight you, to offer you a feeling of well-being, not to dictate codes of conduct created for marketing reasons.

Who would have known? Isn't it amazing, the impact that a small piece of knowledge can have on your outlook for the rest of your life?

— Anthony Marmin —

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