Amber ash-Sheikh

Amber ash-Sheikh

Amber Ash Sheikh is a strong and dark fragrance. Prepared with different varieties of plants, flowers, rare asian herbs and a beautiful saffron, it gives a powerful and complex perfume and brings the "beast mode" to the next level. Its rich and intense style is a bit similar with some strong oud oils.


Amber Ash Sheikh is a soothing and aphrodisiac fragrance and has a clearly masculine style. Sheikh is an honorific title in the Arabic language.


Olfactory description

Earthy, Powerful Amber, Floral

Hint of Honey, Spicy, Saffron

Woody, Musky, Oriental

5 stars based on 30 reviews
Souheil ghez
from France

Attars addictif !!

Mon premier Réel coup de coeur, un élixir vraiment pas comme les autres. J'aime particulièrement le côté animale qui se dégage et la tenue et juste incroyable.

Afzal Shaikh
from India Mumbai

Beasty boy

This is my recent addition to the collection along with Baghdad 2. A very complex and mysterious aura is the presentation which comes in my mind. Excellent projection, sweet wiffs and turning heads. Meets all the points in my criteria.

Ankit Panta
from United States

Sweet Vanilla Ambery Masculine

Oh boy where do i start, when i first got it, i smelled it off from the bottle which was a mistake because at that moment i judged it to be bad until i applied. Vanilla isn't mentioned anywhere but i get whiffs of Sweet Ambery Vanilla later settles down to light sweet floral ambery oud. Its veryyy addictive, and when i say addictive you want to wear this all the time. IDK if its because i just got it yesterday but i apply this when i wake up and also when i go to sleep. Makes me feel powerful in my dreams.

from Malaysia

Superb Amber Attar

Dark, mysterious & masculine vibrating amber aura. Top performance beast mode & long lasting with minimal application. Yup, you will get noticed and leave a seductive trail of manly scents. Warning though, this attar is not for a fainted heart & surely a pleasure for attar aficionados

from London SE

Amber beast!

This fragrance is extraordinary! A beautiful unique amber, not quite 100% masculine - a women could wear this easily and I intend to, frequently!

from Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria.

Amber ash Sheikh

Just got my 3ml bottle of this amazing and somewhat crazy attar. Anthony has a wonderful talent for producing CRAZY perfumes in the best and most agreeable style. To me this brings back memories of oakum which is used in boatbuilding to caulk wooden boat hulls. Stockholm tar and creosote. Then walking on the Cumbrian Fells after sheep have been dipped and the smell of dip, peat and heather fills the air, especially when it's wet. These are all scents which are dear to my heart and senses and in no way offensive. This is, as many people say, a beast. It is also a cute hamster which softens the heart and simply carries you off to your favorite places and memories. I just love it. Thanks Anthony, more Crazy please. xxx

Ryan horton
from Staffordshire

what a beast

This is the 4th Attar I now own from this house and they all have been absolutely fantastic.

This one is a BOMB I applied it 8 hours ago and literally used a small drop on my arm then spread some on my neck, and its still as strong now as when I applied it.

And they smell is absolutely beautiful! Keep up the good work you really are a master ❤

Humza khan
from USA


One of the best fragrance dark woody ambery beast mode bomb of a attar

Anders Falk
from Sweden

Powerful, oriental and well blended

Masha Allah! I bought this from the store in Birmingham. A perfect balance between sweet and spicy amber. Long lasting and powerful projection.

In my opinion, maybe the best amber perfume ever. The amber note is backed up by honey, saffron and noble woods. A hint of smokey oud and animalic musc appears after a while like a deep and mysterious cape.

from USA

LoVE IT ! Amber ash-Sheikh

I just got my order from you my friend of Amber ash-Sheikh 3ml Classic

Bottle .Shipping was very fast to the USA and as always I love your

fragrances I am very happy with it I am going to order another one of

the 12ml Luxury bottle I should have buy the 12ml first .Thank you as

well for the extra gift in my order so kind of you to do so Abdul

Karim.every one that smells me Loves the scent of Amber ash-Sheikh . You

are a true master perfumer maker may god bless you to continue to bring

your craft higher to the light to shine on the whole world that you are

a master of perfumes Abdul Karim Al Faransi name will last for many

years to come.

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