Amber Al Faransi

Amber Al Faransi

Amber Al Faransi is a warm and spicy fragrance with a heavy projection. It is an unusual vegetal amber which respect all ambery codes while bringing a different scent. It starts out with a combo of resins and oriental spices before opening up to swirls of flowers around sweet notes. Everything is perfectly balanced with sandalwood and vetiver. The light woody touch completes a beautiful base of amber for a soothing and energizing result experience.


Amber Al Faransi is suitable for ladies and gentlemen. Al Faransi means "the Frenchman".


Olfactory description

Labdanum, Oriental Spices, Night Blooming Jasmine

Hint of Honey, Saffron

Vetiver from India, Sandalwood​​​​​​​, Amber

5 stars based on 3 reviews
from France

Odeur incroyable

Je l'ai eu en cadeau dans ma commande, l'odeur est absolument incroyable! C'est mon préféré, je le commanderai la prochaine fois إن شاء الله

from London SE

Very interesting amber!

Lovely, easy to wear, resolutely unisex.

from Pakistan

Got this attar in a sample bottle. When I tried it one thing was clear, I never smelled an attar like this before. It's sweet a bit more sweet then I usually use but not annoying at all. Projection is I used it on very hot day.

Overall I gave it four because of a bit extra sweet. But a attar you can wear to office as well. My only request would be to make some attars which is less sweet. But I would buy a 3ml soon insha'Allah. Yes you blind buy this attar.

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