African Musk

African Musk

African Musk is a sublime and warm perfume inspired by Africa. The richness of this continent is incredible when you take it as a source of inspiration. It is a sweet fragrance with gourmand notes and floral ones around a powdery musk base.

African Musk is suitable for ladies and gentlemen.

Olfactory description

Cacao absolute, hazelnut

White Chocolate, Violet

Vanilla, Floral White Musk

5 stars based on 2 reviews
Souheil Ghez
from France

Beautiful musk scent !!

No regrets! this Petit attars will accompany me in my daily travels. very soft but powerful at the same time. Small but strong 💪👊👍

Saad D
from London

Creamy goodness

Smooth, sweet, warm & addictive!

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