Maison Anthony Marmin

FW 20: Arabian White Musks

The Fashion (R)evolution Collection is updated every 6 months. We have introduced in September 2020 our new series, the Fall Winter 20. This FW20 is the first Fashion edition under our new brand name: Maison Anthony Marmin.

Despite the Covid 19 crisis and the fact that we were very busy to work on the rebranding and because quality is always our priority rather than quantity, we have launched this new series of 3 perfumes. Only 3 in comparison with the previous ones but 3 amazing and beautiful sweet scents.

The first one is Musk Di Palermo, a sweet and fresh pure fragrance offering a summer touch for a fall winter collection. The combination of a fresh Sicilian lemon with an authentic Arabian white musk give a unique sensory journey between Sicily and Middle East. It has the following notes: Sicilian Lemon, Hint of Fresh Green Grass, Iris, Provence Rose Centifolia, Creamy Musk.

Musk Di Palermo may remind you our Musk Tahara Al Faransi, now discontinued, without the hazelnuts notes.

Then we have rethought the arabian musk tahara with Sarah, a sweet and creamy perfume. Sarah remains in a classic white musk style but vanilla notes are accentuated to give a gourmand touch on it. It has the following description: Vanilla from Madagascar, Hint of Jasmine, Caribbean Honey, Creamy Notes, Musk.

Sarah has some similarities with our previous Musk Tahara Monoi for those who know it.

Finally we have a clean and luxury perfume with Sofia. It is a perfume with a strong Middle Eastern style. Strong arabic notes of sandalwood and frankincense are balanced with sweet rose and jasmine notes around a beautiful base of powdery white musk. The result reminds a walk in sumptuous malls of Dubai.​​​​​​​ It has the following notes: Indian Sandalwood, Frankincense from Oman, Provence Rose Centifolia​​​​​​, Jasmine, Powdery Notes, Musk.

Sofia is a very unique scent and nothing we have done in the past is similar to it.


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