Maison Anthony Marmin

Essential Oil Distillation

Perfume ingredients referred as essential oils are obtained by steam distillation. It is a popular technique using an alembic to produce aromatic compounds from plants, flowers, leaves, roots, agarwood and much more.

Raw materials are placed on perforated trays in the upper part of the still pot and the lower part is filled with water that is brought to the boil. Steam from boiling water is passed through the raw material to capture the scent-bearing compounds.

The vapour is cooled and the condensate resulting from this process is then collected in a Florentine flask.

The fragrant oil and the water are naturally separated because of their different densities: indeed oil floats on water because it less dense than water and we removed it, this is the essential oil. 

Scented water is called hydrosol and is sometimes kept for other purposes; it is the case for rose water and orange blossom water.

Most of our ingredients come from this process: wonderful roses, Dehn Al Oud, French lavender and much more, you will find our collections on our website.



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