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Difference between oud, agarwood and dehn al oud

It is one of the most expensive perfume ingredient in the world and it has gained a great popularity in modern perfumery. Oud is known to be rare and precious and here we are going to understand the different names given to this oil extracted from the infected resinous heartwood of a particular tree genus.

Oud can also be spelled Aoud or Oudh since it comes from an arabic word “عود” which means wood. So what is Oud?

Oud, also known as agarwood, agar, but also commonly called aloeswood or Gaharu, is a dark resin that forms in some trees when they become infected by a parasite or a fungus.  As the infection progresses, the tree produces a dark aromatic resin in response to the attack.

These trees are belonging to a genus of 15 species named Aquilaria. We find them is Southeast Asia, in countries such as India, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Cambodia…Remember there is no oud from Makkah nor Grasse when you want to buy some, the geographic area is the one we said previously.

Wild oud becomes very rare and most of the agarwood on the market come from sustainable plantations where defense mechanism of the tree to produce this resin is caused by a human process, injections, bark scraping or a nail hammered to give a few examples.

Agarwood chips are used for incense and the price vary with the origin and the quantity of resin on it. By a distillation process is produced oud oil to make perfume.

Dehn Al Oud also spelled Dehn Al Oudh is an arabic word “دهن العود” and literally means “The fat of the Wood”. It is the exact name to designate oud oils.

Nowdays people use the word oud to designate agarwood chips and Dehn al oud as well.

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