Maison Anthony Marmin

RBX 59: Never Forget Where You Come From.

Most of our perfumes are inspired by history of civilisations and cultures of the World but it is also important to remember your own story, your own origins.

Roubaix is a French city where people from different origins live together with peace, so this city is the best source of inspiration from the department I’m from.

Indeed RBX 59 is a tribute for Roubaix and also the 59 department, in north of France.

For this unique perfume, I wanted to do something neither to oriental nor too western, but a great combination of wonderful notes of flowers from Himalaya, sweet woody notes, patchouli, vanilla, amber and sandalwood around a base of loud and musk.

RBX 59 gives a classic style from the French perfumery tradition, with an Arabian touch, the result is so complex to describe, but one thing is sure: it is an evolution, it is a revolution.


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