Maison Anthony Marmin

FW19: Light Side Vs Dark Side

Our new collection Fashion (R)evolution bring something new in the musc game with innovative combination of scents.

Three of them represent the light side of the collection: Musk Tahara Yemeni, Maymunah and Oud Abiyad Manhattan. The first one is already known by our followers, the AKAF Legion, and it is here for 6 months before we remove it for ever…or until the next episode…FW19 means Fall Winter 2019.

Maymunah is a nice fruity musk and to resume Oud Abiyad Manhattan, I would say: class and fresh.

And when we turn to the dark side of the collection, we find Royal Orchid, Mediterranean Musk and Oud Cacao. Ultimate for the first one, strength for the second one and unexpected for the last one, this is our the dark side is.


We like to propose something different than what you can find everywhere. So I have just one question: Are you in the light side or in the dark side of the musk game?

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