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Amber Al Faransi: New while keeping tradition

The amber (R)evolution began few years ago with perfumes which became references: Amber Ash Sheikh and Sheikh Al Faransi. But let me be honest with you: I was working on this idea of new Amber Al Faransi since 2016, thinking about doing something respecting vegetal amber codes, close to traditional attars, but of course with the Abdul Karim Al Faransi’s signature…so different. And doing an amber which will be at the same time unique but also authentic was a hard job. Finding the perfect balance between various notes is not easy when you work with saffron, vetiver, sandalwood, and many strong ingredients. Everything is strong but I wanted to give a smart touch of sweetness, but not too much…anyway, it was a big deal. But finally, al Hamdulillah, I have been able to finish this new attar which will be in my opinion, very popular… indeed, if we have named it Amber Al Faransi, it is because it will be probably  a new reference in the amber world…it is an evolution…it is a revolution.

Amber Al Faransi is available on our website.

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