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Top 5 Fragrances For Tarawih

Peace be upon you everyone. The month of Ramadan is there! Ramadan mubarak! It is a good occasion to share with you my top 5 perfumes from our house for Tarawih.
For those who don’t know what is Tarawih, it is a non obligatory prayer muslims perform in the month of Ramadan. Tarawih is performed after `Isha’ (Night) Prayer. It can be performed at home, alone or in congregation, or at a mosque.

5. Juzur Al Karibi

Sweetness and lightness! Juzur Al Karibi means Caribbean Islands. Juzur Al Karibi is the encounter of the charm of the Middle East with the exotic scents of Caribbean islands. I easily imagine someone wearing it with a white thobe during night prayers. It is a very good perfume if you want a relaxing and fruity scent. I am someone loving strong perfumes but sometimes I really want something totally different and Juzur Al Karibi is the perfect alternative in my opinion.

4. Nedjma

We have here a fresh and luxury style. Nedjma is more classic if you are looking for a middle eastern style but not woody. It gives a feeling of freshness you will appreciate during tarawih. You should wear it while having elegant traditional clothes, keeping a kind of modern businessman style.

3. Oud Al Fares

With Oud Al Fares, we stay in a luxury style but with a definitely more woody scent. It is a majestic fragrance with multiple sensory facets. This perfume has been launched in 2019 and we can see the evolution of our work in it. Oud Al Fares imposes its style with an amazing sillage but in a sweet woody way. You may wear a dark qamis while wearing it.

2. Baghdad

Baghdad invites you on a journey through Middle Eastern history with a captivating and conqueror style, with its bouquet of dark roses combined with overtones of Persian saffron. This is the arabian scent by excellence! Combining the attar version with the spray one will give you a wonderful result. With Baghdad, Ramadan is there, and you are there too!

1. Sheikh Al Faransi

Sheikh Al Faransi is a precious perfume with an oriental and authentic synergy coming from luxury ingredients. Complex and unique, powerful without being aggressive, it is our ultimate best seller. Robust and well balanced between woody and ambery notes, this fragrance has a pronounced sillage. Unique to the point that you will smell like no one else, it is the perfume of choice for special occasions and what a better occasion than tarawih to smell good.

Let me know in comment what is your favourite perfume for tarawih and again: Ramadan Mubarak dear brothers and sisters.

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