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How Musk Tahara Al Faransi has changed the musk game

Almost a year we were waiting for that: Musk Tahara Al Faransi is back in stock! So you probably wonder why we took so much time to be able to propose it again. We use rare ingredients and we are very punctilious with their quality. So if an ingredient is discontinued by a supplier or if its quality level is not kept, we prefer to stop our production than proposing something below our standards. So only one ingredient was no longer produced but it was impossible to find something similar…till now. Finally we have resolved this problem and I want to take this moment to talk a bit about how this fragrance has changed the musk game.
Let’s go back in 2014 when it was impossible to find any kind of real musk tahara variants. Musk tahara is another name for thick and creamy white musk oils. Pure perfume market became more and more saturated  with almost same products everywhere. So we have decided at this time to work on something different, a revolution. And we made this beautiful musk tahara with hazelnuts notes and other accords…and how different it was than what we found on the market! So we decided it to name it Musk Tahara Al Faransi, giving the name of the perfumer to let the musk game know that there is an evolution in it!
Then we worked on some variants such as Musk Tahara Monoi or Musk Tahara Yemeni, and where it is very interesting is when others perfume houses began to try to do variants as well. Yes we have opened the door, and we are proud to see them following this way. This is how a leader must be, showing the example and being the first. So when we see some people trying to copy us, we think it is a mark of respect to follow our steps.
Musk Tahara Al Faransi is very popular, I invite you te read reviews on our website or even online. It is an evolution, it is a revolution…


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