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TOP 5 Office Fragrances For Men in 2019

Office work needs an impeccable presentation and as C. Joybell C. said: “You are never fully dressed without perfume!” Well, everyone will have a different approach regarding a perfect presentation, for me it is the qatari style, a white thobe with its particular collar, and of course this style fits better in the Middle East, in the West it will be probably an elegant suit…anyway we all have a different view and what I am going to share with you is the top 5 office perfumes for men selected from the house of Abdul Karim Al Faransi and suitable in any office in the World.

5- Musc Blanc

Musc Blanc means “White musk” in french and it is a revisited version of a classic in Arabian perfumery. It is a soft and clean scent. I would recommend you to wear it on sunny days. The good thing here is the lightness because for some people “office fragrance” means discretion. Indeed you don’t take too much risks regarding others by wearing this very classic white musk with light notes of white flowers, a touch of sweet vanilla and of course a base of clean musk.

4- Mombasa

Mombasa is a journey for the senses through East Africa but its style is halfway between tropical and western scent. Mombasa proposes a unique olfactory signature, and others will remember you with it. Yes, this fragrance is for charismatic leaders with an amazing combination of coconut, frankincense, white musk, nutmeg, agarwood and oriental notes. You have your own style with it but you do not impose it, rather you inspire by your style.

3- Muqdisho Xamar

Muqdisho Xamar (Pronounce Hamar) is inspired by the wonderful capital of the great somalian nation: Mogadishu, known locally as “Hamar”. And trust me, somali people are businessmen and businesswomen…in fact I am wondering if it’s not them who invented the business concept, so this perfume must be in my top 5! The combination of cactus, vetiver, aloe vera, reh myrrh, amber, musk, agarwaood and sandalowood gives an unforgettable scent of character. Very unique but also easily wearable despite some notes which looks (too) strong, the result is well balanced and you can wear it at anytime of the year.

2- IAM: Imperial Asiatic Musk

Here we are in a very different olfactory world than previous ones, with an impressive oriental musk based fragrance.Warm and sweet, it makes you proud of who you are. This complex scent with notes of mint, white musk, sandalwood, pine, sweet flowers, honey, imperial rose, amber and woody is for the one who assumes his personality, who think differently, and who is there for the progress.

1- Mukhallat Di Corleone

“Make him an offer he can’t refuse” If it is how business is for you, then you have here the right perfume whose scents wander from the Orient to Sicily. I must admit that this perfume is not for everyone, but if I have a business meeting it will be definitely the one I would use. Imagine if someone ask you about the perfume you wear, and your answer is “Mukhallat di Corleone”…you leave everyone speechless. It is an uncommon scent with notes of espresso, citrus from Sicily, fresh herbs from Corleone, Orange from Palermo, and a base of agarwood and sandalwood

As  I use to say: “The perfume you wear is a reflection of who you are”, so don’t neglect this point when you make your self ready for office work and business meetings.

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